Rich Harmsen - Founder/Pastor

     A native Californian and self proclaimed "Jesus freak", Rich had a 40 year affair with alcohol.  After a bedside conversation with his dying father, Rich realized alcohol was going to be the death of him.  But in Rich's words "it's hard to walk away from a 40 year relationship no matter how bad it gets." Rich realized that he couldn't quit on his own, so in desperation he turned to God.  Through a series of events, Rich found himself in East Texas totally surrendered to Jesus Christ and the calling God had on his life to work with other men in similar situations.  "It's all about being willing to be willing to let God do what He wants in your life."  Total surrender and being all in with God.  

     In 2010, Rich and wife Tammy, founded The Ranch Ministries a non profit organization, in hopes of helping men be restored to their families through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  The Ranch believes in a one-step program.  

     "We also understand that healing is not just for the men.  When men have been controlled by addiction, for any time, the need for healing in the marriage is pivital for the relationship to continue."  Marriage counseling is provided and encouraged along with help for the wives.